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"...when you offer an uninvited favor to someone, it has the power to trigger feelings of indebtedness."

In the intro video, the idea of reciprocity is mentioned and we want to determine what it is that you have to give.  


Some things to ask yourself:

What do you have that you can keep giving away without ever running out? 

What is your naturally produced gift to the world? 

What makes you happiest to give away?


To make this more interesting we can use an exercise called the George Bailey Technique. It was that was developed by Dr. Timothy Wilson, author of Redirect, Changing the Stories We Live By, in response to questioning the effectiveness of the gratitude journal. It turns out the technique uncovers many ideas that people didn't even know they had about themselves.


It is based on the George Bailey character of the 1946 movie It's a Wonderful Life, who was given the magical power to see what the world would have been without him. This magical power leads him to a breakthrough revelation about self-worth and the story that he would go on to live his life by.

ASSIGNMENT: Practice the George Bailey Technique


  1. Grab your journal or a piece of paper or open a blank document on your computer.

  2. Warm up by picking one person, place, or event in your life that brought you happiness and satisfaction, and write down the various ways it might not have happened. Then imagine your life without that person/place/event and write that down, too.

  3. Now pick yourself, a place and an event that brought you and others happiness and satisfaction and write down the various ways it might not have happened. Now imagine the lives of the people who were there, were you NOT there.  How would their lives be different?

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