I Have MS And Here’s Why I’ll Never Give Up On Myself

I Have MS ... But MS Doesn't Have Me

I have MS...but MS doesn't have me is dropped freely and formidably among those of us who live with multiple sclerosis. But that doesn't mean it's overused. And here's why.

Outside of being an illness, MS for many, becomes an exercise in self-realization. Getting a diagnosis like MS is a game changer, a moment of mortality that can open up an internal dialogue. For me, I desperately tried to gauge the severity of what I was dealing with. I began to think about who I was as a whole. Then, I worked to find people who I could trust help me get better. This opened me up to taking 66 pills a day.

I Have MS … And Kickass Clinical Doctors

The first people I found after my diagnosis were the neurology team at Mt. Sanai. I could not have been more grateful to get help from a group of people who understood the illness. They saw the enormous active lesion on my C4 vertebrae, explained my treatment options and got me on Copaxone all within 3 weeks of having my first episode. But my onset of MS brought on symptoms akin to a 24/7 hangover - a feeling like I was getting a serious cold without the sniffles - a storm cloud of malaise that was omnipresent and unpleasant. When I asked my neurologist about how to fix this, he looked at me with a combination of matter of factness and empathy (more the former) and said:

“If you drop a glass, we can help you, but if you don’t drop the glass, we can’t help you. This is the nature of MS”.