Top 5 Things You’ll Need If You Have Multiple Sclerosis

5. A Neurologist

And not just any neurologist but one that you trust. Whether you’ve opted to take disease-modifying drugs or not, a neurologist needs to be on your speed dial. Why? Because your acupuncturist can’t order an MRI to see your progress or prescribe you medicine if you do have a relapse. If you’re looking for a neurologist, check out the American Academy of Neurology. You can filter by subspecialty so you’ll have an easier time locating a multiple sclerosis specialist in your area. We've also collected what you should expect in a good neurologist from members of the MyCounterpane community.

4. Vitamin D

Vitamin D is formed in the body when sun hits the skin and according to a 2012 Swedish study, people with higher levels of Vitamin D in their blood showed a lower risk of developing MS. This isn’t the first study that has looked at Vitamin D and MS (there are many, especially now.) Chances are your neurologist (the one you need) will order a blood test to asses your Vitamin D levels. If you are on the low end of the spectrum, they may prescribe vitamins and supplements. I currently take 4000UI as per my neurologist.

3. A Support System

Unfortunately, I read too often how MS patients lose their friends and find it challenging to keep up with relationships. While I am always sorry to hear that, the good news is that there is hope out there. The internet makes it easy to engage and make deep connections to people you've never met. There are many MS-specific online communities, including MyCounterpane. It's important to be around people who understand. If you'd like to speak to real humans, check out the Multiple Sclerosis Foundation to find a meeting near you.

2. Knowledge

This is a tricky one because, while the