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How To Empower Your Voice With MyCounterpane

If you've been reading our blog, you'll know we're fans of asking you questions. At MCP, we are always trying to to gauge how you feel about topics relating to your multiple sclerosis.

This applies not only to your feelings about living with MS itself, but also your thoughts about other areas in your life impacted by MS - your neurologist and how they treat you, the delay in certain treatment plans and even how commercials that spread awareness fall flat. We want to know the good, the bad, the ugly, and the inspiring.

Your responses have been honest, thoughtful, and at times, heartbreaking. We've loved every moment of it.

Because we believe that sharing your feelings, whatever they may be, will ultimately heal YOU as well as others. We're all in this journey together and your voice matters.

If you've missed the opportunity to share your opinions and feelings, worry not! Below are all the questions we've asked and you can add your thoughts today.

To submit your response, click a link below. Once you click over, you will be able to see what others have said and join them in voicing your opinions.

We're in this together, my friends. Empower yourself by sharing your thoughts and connecting with others who have done the same. Each and every one of you matter, and each and every one of your voices is important.

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Have a question you'd like to ask other MSers? Join the MS community at and ask away. We're here for YOU.