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The 12 Most Common Emotions Of Multiple Sclerosis

For those who are diagnosed with multiple sclerosis, life can be an emotional roller coaster. The physical toll MS takes on the body is huge, and the emotional aspects of living with MS can be just as challenging.

Sometimes it is difficult to put what you're experiencing into words. However, learning to express your emotions and documenting the highs and lows of your life with MS can have healing power, not only for yourself but others as well: When you share what you're going through with others, they can benefit from your experiences.

Below are the 12 most common emotions that come with the ups and downs of life with MS. Read on to see if you relate and leave a comment if you'be experienced an emotion that is not on the list.

1. Overwhelmed

Feeling overwhelmed is one of the most common emotions experienced by those who have just been diagnosed with MS, and even those who have been living with the disease for years.

From coping with a new diagnosis and trying to understand what MS means, to selecting a therapy and a trustworthy neurologist, you may feel like you can't bear to deal with one more thing. Sharing your feelings with other MSers is a great way to cope with overwhelming emotions. And just know, you will figure it out.

2. Aware

The feeling of awareness comes in many forms-like becoming aware of your new normal, to being aware of when you're having a bad day. This emotion empowers you to make positive decisions for your life. Even if you are unable to make the positive change today, awareness will guide you through your life with MS, offering stability in a surprising way.

3. Guilty

Guilt is an all too common feeling and also comes in many forms. You may feel guilty about the things that you're no longer able to do for yourself and your family. You may feel guilty about the way MS affects your relationships with loved ones or co-workers. You may feel guilty about bad habits that worsen your MS symptoms. There will be days where there's a list of things to feel guilty about, but we encourage you to limit it and know it's not your fault. You are one person and you can't do it all. The fact is, no one can.

4. Determined

There will come a time in your journey when you no longer want to feel guilty or overwhelmed. When that time comes, determination can be a powerful motivator. Whether you're determined to make a difference within the MS community, or simply feel determined to get out of bed on a bad day, determination can be the driving force to help you get through the day and your life living with MS.

5. Scared

You just got diagnosed with MS and you're scared. Join the club! There are so many reasons to feel scared when you learn that you have MS. The fear of the unknown; the fear of treatment options or lack of treatment options; the fear of how your life will/has changed forever following a diagnosis. Overcome that fear with the knowledge that there are people who have been through it and have been able to find a balance of their illness and a happy life.

6. Sad