How To Tell Your MS Story On

Hello, friends.

It's a new week and you know what the means - a new blog post on MyCounterpane. I know you're as excited as we are, and this week, we're SUPER excited. Why? Because we're working on a post about YOU.

We always want to hear your story but this week we're getting specific. We want to hear about the day you were diagnosed with multiple sclerosis.

The day of a diagnosis can be overwhelming, exciting (that you finally know what's "wrong" with you), scary, annoying, dreadful and a variety of other emotions. It is a timestamp in your life that you'll never forget, or at least I won't.

"The day I was diagnosed, I didn't take it seriously because I didn't know what MS was and so I decided to go have dinner with my fiancé before I went to the emergency room. I cried through dinner but laughed through my emergency room visit. I was admitted that night and stayed for five days as doctors and nurses treated my optic neuritis. I was sad that I was diagnosed with something but for the most part, that was the day I sunk deep into denial. It took me about four years to dig myself out. I'm still digging but I'm much further to the surface than that fateful day."

That's my personal story, and now we'd love to hear yours.