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The Week In (Awesome!) Multiple Sclerosis News 7/15/2015

Hey, there. Thanks for stopping by to read about awesome MS news.

We hope you’re having a great week. We sure are, especially since there’s so much good news going around. From Amy Schumer raising funds for the cause to the newest research about how a healthier lifestyle can improve your MS, the good news will have you smiling all day.

Check out the fascinating stories below and don’t forget to share your opinions. Or sign into to moodify your thoughts and emotions about what you've read.

In The News

√ is known for it's humor and they don't disappoint in this post, The 5 Awful Realities Of Life With An Invisble Illness.

√ Science Talk: A new MS study shows that TYSABRI improves cognitive impairment. Do you take TYSABRI? If so, has it helped you?

√ New evidence suggests working out improves fatigue and developing a healthy lifestyle is the first line of defense in treating MS.

√ Comedian Amy Schumer raised $176,000 through the TRAINWRECK Comedy Tour for the National MS Society. Her father, Gordon Schumer, has MS and currently resides in an assisted living facility.

√ When country music star Clay Walker was first diagnosed with MS in 1996, he was told he would be in a wheelchair in four years and dead in eight. Luckily, it didn't quite work out that way.

In Health News

√ A high-fat diet negatively affects the gut, which may change gut microflora and signals to the brain. Research is currently in the "mouse" stage but knowledge is your power. So, this week, say no to processed foods, dairy and cheese. (There are more, but let's start small, shall we?)

√ The future is near: virtual reality therapy may soon be used to treat chronic pain. Imagine putting on a pair of Google Glasses to reduce your pain. Sounds amazing, doesn't it?

√ Huffington Post Women reminds us all that life is chaotic but that doesn't mean you should forget about practicing self-care.

In The Blogs

The Girl With The Purple Cane blogger Liz Jackson campaigned J. Crew to start carrying assistive devices. This was their response.

Multiple Sclerosis, Motherhood and Other Traumatic Experiences blogger Meagan Freeman discuss how we label things "good" and "bad" and how MS has actually led her to incredible places.

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