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In the meantime, there is no better way to kick this course off than with Kelly Corrigan's amazing award winning short film, Acceptance.  Grab a tissue.

In this short film brought by The Nantucket Project & Harbor Studios, we see and feel that it’s not our habit to accept. We prefer to resist… until life’s inevitable setbacks catch up with us.

This film was created by bestselling author Kelly Corrigan and directed by award-winning journalist Mick Davies.  We get to hear the stories of real people struggling to embrace what Corrigan calls the Mount Everest of human emotions: acceptance.

Accepting that you're lonely and admitting it to just one other person could unlock to the door to a new future. For example, Jennifer Page, Author of 52 Ways to Stop Feeling Lonely opens her book with the "aha" moment that she is not alone in her feelings of loneliness writing,


"It happened when suddenly, on impulse, I confessed to a friend in an email how lonely I felt and then


she emailed back and said, "I feel that too!"" . . .


much to her surprise, the person to whom she was writing was one of the last people on earth who she thought would feel lonely!


Sharing can be transformative.

Just believing that is a giant step in and of itself.

Welcome to the journey.

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