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Courage is a reflective state of mind. More elemental are the steps of optimism, listening, and resilience.  But at the top of this platform no one thinks that way.


In the video below, fear, the lead character in our story of courage, is real at a height of 10 meters. In this course, you will bump into your fears, both real and imagined. We all like to think that all of our fears are real, and we are entitled to our thoughts, but our expectations in this course is that we all remain as open as possible to your own and other people's threshold for fears so that we can explore the spectrum together.


Our respective thresholds for fear have been developing since we were infants a looking to our mother for her facial twitches that indicated whether we should be afraid or not.


Diving into this course (no pun intended) may feel like you are standing on the edge of a cliff, but rest assured that the act of sharing and Moodifying your experience along the way (even if privately) helps the most primitive parts of your brain to off load toxic stress that otherwise burdens your immune system.

Watching this video will allow a larger portion of your brain to get involved in your own fear reflex. As you watch, listen in each state of mind for your feelings. To have come this far you have already taken one step. Our expectation, at minimum, is that you attempt to remain hyper-present to how it feels to be this one step beyond what might have been uncomfortable just a few days ago.


Ideally we will move many steps beyond here by moving some of your "real" fears into an "imagined' fear bucket where, with the help of this amazing community's support and cognitive development opportunities, we can clear a path towards healing through the story of you.

THIS VIDEO HAS A LONG ADVERTISEMENT UP FRONT - Further evidence that we are not at all alone with our fears, both real and imagined! Enjoy. It's hard to look away.

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