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To develop and refine our mind's ability to best assist our immune system, we apply the smart practice technique of isolating and training each state of mind very deliberately. 


We are each little more than a combination of ideas, of ourselves, by others, unspoken and reflected. This is a pattern than occurs throughout nature, in the growth of most cellular matter, ideas or even the act of walking. 


Rather than fighting this pattern of inner, outer, other, all, the Pattern Method embraces the pattern and builds around the natural pull of each step without the anxiety of wondering what's next.


To access the ideas that we have of ourself, we will imagine our how we think when we are totally alone --not alone like loneliness alone -- but times like in the  shower where we are alone with our thoughts and no one around to tell us any different. Many people over the course of history claim that they have their best ideas in the shower . . . in this course we want to be listening for those ideas.


To access the ideas by others of us, and us them, we will imagine and practice what it might be like to share our thoughts with at least one other person.  We will pay special attention to how we adjust our thoughts from the shower as soon as another person is involved.


To access the unspoken states of mind that we all experience we will abstract our thoughts with art, music, metaphors, silence, poetry and any other methods that invite our hearts and minds to let go for long enough to let new perspectives to present themselves.

Finally, we will revisit the collection of our new-found thoughts with the traditional idea of synthesizing our journey into something actionable.


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