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I have always been a driven person, and my MS diagnosis has only made this determination stronger. After my diagnosis, I considered dropping out of my graduate school nursing program and quitting entirely. I became immediately certain that I could not allow this to be...

I Have MS ... But MS Doesn't Have Me

I have MS...but MS doesn't have me is dropped freely and formidably among those of us who live with multiple sclerosis. But that doesn't mean it's overused. And here's why.

Outside of being an illness, MS for many, becomes an exercise...

MyCounterpane has partnered with Erika Lyons Richardson to bring you a question that is vital aspect when you live with multiple sclerosis: the empathy you receive from others.

While many MSers report that those around them don't understand their MS, empathy from others...

The House voted 217 to 213 to pass the GOP health-care law, designed to replace Obamacare. The bill now goes to the Senate.

According to CNN,

"The Trump administration's American Health Care Act -- which squeaked through in the House on Thursday but must still be voted o...

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What’s on your mind while at MS Hope Day?

MyCounterpane and Heather Leffel joined up to ask a very important question:

How Has Losing Your Job/Work Affected You?

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How has losing your job/work affected you?

MyCounterpane has reunited with Heather Leffel once again to ask an important question that is a challenging aspect of living with a chronic illness such as multiple sclerosis: employment.

Whether you had a career you loved or a part-time job that helped pay the bills,...

In the past few years, Amy Gurowitz's MS has been progressing and Amy was finding nothing was helping her improve- until cannabis. Hear how the use of medical marijuana has been transformative.

Kate Milliken talks with Amy Gurowitz, one of the first veterans of MS she met. Amy is a mom and MS advocate and was diagnosed with Relapsing Remitting MS in 1988. Amy's MS has progressed, and she is now using cannabis.

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