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Making Sense

Of It All

Listing our senses in alphabetical order creates a simple change in perspective that is meaningful to some and not too others.

How many other common patterns are there out there, that we take for granted for fear that the changed pattern but sound or look "wrong"?  Similarly, how many times are we subconsciously presenting ourselves to the world in a way that might be seen as wrong?  Is it that we are wrong? Or is it a social habit to group people into digestible categories do so that the can manage the patterns we knw? 

ASSIGNMENT: Which of these senses stimulate you the most? Write down your three favorite sensations and then explore the four phases from the pattern method for each.


Auditory > music, voices, sounds, silence, effects

Movement > muscle awareness, wind resistance, sports, dancing limbs

Smell > food, loved ones, places, memories

Touch > soft, firm, texture, self, others, sifting, working, making

Vision > seeing, dreaming, physical beauty, nature vistas, loved ones

Your senses are how YOU connect with the world. You have preferences that become part of the story that you tell to yourself and about yourself.

Lucky for us, one of our closest allies in the illness and trauma world of psychology is James Pennebaker and he devised a test that is a lot more fun than picking senses from a list.

The test can be found here:

ASSIGNMENT: Take this test. Moodify your thoughts about yourself and the bottle test observations as soon as you can afterwards without giving it much thought. Moodify what's on your mind freely.

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