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Goal Pyramids help us to break down big challenges into bite-sized pieces. The pyramid below maps the journey of this course to date.

Start at the bottom or the base of the pyramid.


The bottom row represents the early exercises that helped you to clarify who you are when no one is looking, or judging.​

The next row represents the gifts, both conscious and subconscious, that you have to share with others.

The next row represents the current module where you will explore your fears and failures so that you can bring them forward with perspective to unpack the biggest step out of loneliness -  feeling safe enough to explore facing your vulnerability.

ASSIGNMENT: Click the PDF below to print. With a pen, pencil or on screen if you are able, fill in the lowest 7 boxes based on the work that you have done in the course to date.

Use these prompts to inspire you to moodify your journey here.

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