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Your Connector's Key is about knowing your fears but being a shining example of how you manage them. Unlike other forms of lonely, you are not hiding your fears per se. Your best connections, in fact come through those moments where you've actively maintained your composure in the face of fear.

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Deep inside of you there is reason that you are not completely lonely lonely. It's why, on the outside, you appear stable and well adjusted, and yet you are here. That's courage. Now let's put it all together.

Goal Pyramids for you.

ASSIGNMENT: Print out a few of the blank goal pyramids below. Chose three of your biggest lonely in plain sight challenges, be they people or scenarios. In the top box write what life would be like if each situation was resolved on separate pages. Work down the pyramid while imagining the steps in reverse order. It may take you a few tries to get the hang of it.

Your type of lonely thrives on knowing the context of one or two steps ahead. This provides a feeling security and courage that translates into magnetism and confidence that you feel you have, but that others seldom see.

Ask for Help


It's often hard for people in your situation to ask for help . . . you will see that in your stigma zapper, but when you do it's particularly important to make sure that people know your ultimate objective. (The pyramid helps again) Use expressive and detailed language to help people to visualize your goals so that people end up finding their own way to comfortably understand where your are leading them and why. Composure among others is your Connector Key and this exercise will make all the difference.


Remember, you can't really do this alone.

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