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What is my Stigma Zapper?

Your Stigma Zapper is the one element --unique to you-- that you insert into every story that you share that creates a mutual magnetism within connections new and old. The zapper helps you to redirect the negative energy of stigma towards finding more meaningful emotions and honest connections, especially in the face of adversity.

How do I learn which zapper is right for me?

Your zapper is based on the place in your mind from where you draw strength for the story that you tell yourself everyday. Some people draw their strength from inside, some from others, some by chance and others still by analysis. Your type of lonely is related to this strength and you zapper is assigned as such.


Make it a habit to Zap.​

Bring the strength of your zap to every thought, word and deed in your life.  The more you use it, the less of your stigma you will feel, and that's a huge step towards reversing loneliness​.


Your zapper may feel or sound foreign to you at first, but over time you will find that it becomes second nature to use.

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