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What is my Connector's Key?

Your Connector's Key is the specific type of internal energy that you rely on to achieve your own form of success in the face of building or achieving something that --at first-- seems much bigger than yourself.  It's called the "Connector's Key" because it opens up and provides access for you and others to the best and most natural version of yourself when the going gets tough.  

What do we mean by internal energy types?

Since the dawn of modern science, we have been attempting to categorize people so that we could put people in boxes that justified their behaviors, for better or worse. Some of the more famous categorizations have been Myers-Briggs, or the GRIT score, or DISC and Strength Finders, all of which are outstanding tools for many situations.  Each of them analyze our most natural internal energy states using quizzes or questionnaires and then provide outcomes-based advice on how to deal with yourself and others based on how you score.

The internal energy types that we use are slightly different in that they have been developed over the years specifically for figuring our how people connect and grow when faced with seemingly abstract and insurmountable challenges like chronic illness. Your Connector's Key is less a diagnosis of behavior and more like a seeing eye dog who knows what its human is looking for long before they think of looking!


This is a key that you have with you in your heart and mind already, and once we call attention to it, it will be hard to imagine how and why you hadn't thought of using it sooner!

Your type of lonely cuts a very specific key.

Knowing your type of lonely means that you can also know the kind of key that works best for you. Unlike traditional keys, these keys must match their user or they will not work. In combination with your specific Flow Prompter and Stigma Zapper, this key will lock out loneliness when you need to lock it out the most.

Connector Keys rely on courage.

A key is only valuable when it's used. Just knowing that you have a key does not help to unlock anything! Having the courage to use the key is paramount to its success. In this course we help you to practice until you are ready to fly.

Your key may feel or sound foreign to you at first, but over time you will find that it becomes second nature to use.

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